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Places in Ontario

Ontario is full of wonders. This is one of the most mesmerizing Canadian provinces, holding up to 40% of Canada’s population. It is important to note, that Ontario boasts of its gambling houses. Nowadays, it is easier to have some fun – you don’t need to wear tuxedo and look for a gambling establishment, just drop on ValleyGames guide source and you will definitely find a suitable online casino. Ontario is separated into two main regions based on the cardinal points of North and South. It is one of the locations highly visited by people all around the world. Ontario is well-known for its one of a kind, special location: Niagara Falls. Besides the memorable views Niagara offers, there are more places you can visit here and feel like you reached heaven.

The first place that is worth mentioning is the Agate Island. Categorized as one of the seven best beaches in the world, Agate Island is a location you will definitely want to see. Now you may be wondering why and the answer is as simple as the name says: everything is covered with agates. The entire island, the shores you will see there, the beach itself are dressed in agates. This is a unique beach location, placed in a cove on the northern side of Ontario. Sailors from all around the world go there for cruising and fishing.

Agate Island

Parks are not to be ignored either. Bon Echo Provincial Park can be found in Ontario and you will be completely immersed in the beauty of this place. Cloyne is a region where you can find lots of activities to do: from canoeing to kayaking and hiking this is the place you’ll have the time of your life. Boat tours will allow you to analyze the lake closely, along with the trails and the cliffs around. This is a provincial park like you’ve never seen before. Also, be prepared to see deer and other wild animals while you stroll around the park.

Bon Echo Provincial Park

Talking about parks, Bruce Peninsula National Park is another place you’ll want to visit if you are close to Ontario. There are plenty of reasons you will find this location stunning. First of all, the scenery there will leave you absolutely breathless. If you are a hiker, this is the one place that will get you goose bumps. Any trail you might want to follow has a map that will help you with guidance along the way. The water levels are high there and swamps, forests, and beaches are there to make your trip more exciting than it already was. Nature lovers will feel at home in this paradise of wonders.

Bruce Peninsula National Park

Finally, talking about the aforementioned Niagara, everyone heard about it at least once in their lives. Niagara Falls is one place you will definitely need to see until you reach old age. You’ve seen it in movies, you’ve seen it in pictures – but nothing compares to the feeling it gives you while standing in front of such greatness. Words cannot describe the beauty you will see there and this is the one main reason you will have to travel there and see for yourself how out of this world this location is. Although you may have heard a lot about it, you won’t know anything about Niagara until you feel it touch your heart and soul.

Niagara Falls