Political and economical news from Ontario

Confederated in 1867 Ontario is the most populous province of Canada. It has been estimated that about 38% of the total population of Canada lives here. It is also the second largest province of the country by land. The quality of life is high for most of the people here. The Toronto also known as the financial hub of the world is the capital of this city. Manitoba and Quebec are the neighboring provinces of Ontario. Due to large population finding news here is not difficult at all. From politics to fashion and from entertainment to the budget there is a lot to discuss. It has the largest GDP in Canada and is divided into two regions i.e. North and South Ontario. Lake Ontario is one of the 5 lakes which are called “Great” in North America. The province is named after it. The common loon is the bird of this province and it represents about 39% of house seats of Canada.

Politician promises

The voters of the province now want answers. The politicians should now keep their track record clear before asking for a vote. It is the case with the Doug Ford. He promised the voters to balance the budget but the results are highly inefficient. $6 billion was spent which made it budget of the entire province imbalanced. The voters were not happy with this and now they want answers. The reports of all the local and national news agencies are pressing the man to explain the reason for this problem. Doug before assuming the office promised to the balance within a year but even after a long period of time, it has not happened. The critics also include Kathleen Wynne who is the major opponent of Doug. Surprisingly she is not being asked the same question by anyone.

Solitary confinement monitoring

The ombudsman office is of the view that the department of corrections is not doing its duties well. The prisoners in solitary confinement are neither being monitored perfectly but the systems responsible for the data gathering are also error-riddled. The tracking systems in Ontario need an immediate uplift to be able to track the data effectively. The correctional department is severely criticized for the issues as necessary measures are not being taken despite several circulars. The first step towards the problem elimination is to create a database where daily reports from all the officers will be submitted. The term solitary confinement has been restricted to a great extent and the new law is ready to be implemented.

Fiscal discipline

The 2008 financial crises have not only changed Canada but the world completely. Experts from all over the world call for tight regulations and fiscal safety measures. It is important that the deficit is brought back to where it was before 2008. This has never happened in Ontario and therefore the problem is ever expanding. The worse thing is that none of the parties contesting for the mayor elections have said a word about fiscal discipline. Limiting the debt burden is the need of the hours. All three election contestants should be reminded about it sternly.