Political and economical news from Ontario

Confederated in 1867 Ontario is the most populous province of Canada. It has been estimated that about 38% of the total population of Canada lives here. It is also the second largest province of the country by land. The quality of life is high for most of the people here. The Toronto also known as the financial hub of the world is the capital of this city. Manitoba and Quebec are the neighboring provinces of Ontario. Due to large population finding news here is not difficult at all. From politics to fashion and from entertainment to the budget there is a lot to discuss. It has the largest GDP in Canada and is divided into two regions i.e. North and South Ontario. Lake Ontario is one of the 5 lakes which are called “Great” in North America. The province is named after it. The common loon is the bird of this province and it represents about 39% of house seats of Canada.

Politician promises

The voters of the province now want answers. The politicians should now keep their track record clear before asking for a vote. It is the case with the Doug Ford. He promised the voters to balance the budget but the results are highly inefficient. $6 billion was spent which made it budget of the entire province imbalanced. The voters were not happy with this and now they want answers. The reports of all the local and national news agencies are pressing the man to explain the reason for this problem. Doug before assuming the office promised to the balance within a year but even after a long period of time, it has not happened. The critics also include Kathleen Wynne who is the major opponent of Doug. Surprisingly she is not being asked the same question by anyone.

Solitary confinement monitoring

The ombudsman office is of the view that the department of corrections is not doing its duties well. The prisoners in solitary confinement are neither being monitored perfectly but the systems responsible for the data gathering are also error-riddled. The tracking systems in Ontario need an immediate uplift to be able to track the data effectively. The correctional department is severely criticized for the issues as necessary measures are not being taken despite several circulars. The first step towards the problem elimination is to create a database where daily reports from all the officers will be submitted. The term solitary confinement has been restricted to a great extent and the new law is ready to be implemented.

Fiscal discipline

The 2008 financial crises have not only changed Canada but the world completely. Experts from all over the world call for tight regulations and fiscal safety measures. It is important that the deficit is brought back to where it was before 2008. This has never happened in Ontario and therefore the problem is ever expanding. The worse thing is that none of the parties contesting for the mayor elections have said a word about fiscal discipline. Limiting the debt burden is the need of the hours. All three election contestants should be reminded about it sternly.

Places to have the best possible views

Ontario is full of wonders. This is one of the most mesmerizing Canadian provinces, holding up to 40% of Canada’s population. It is important to note, that Ontario boasts of its gambling houses. Nowadays, it is easier to have some fun – you don’t need to wear tuxedo and look for a gambling establishment, just drop on ValleyGames guide source and you will definitely find a suitable online casino. Ontario is separated into two main regions based on the cardinal points of North and South. It is one of the locations highly visited by people all around the world. Ontario is well-known for its one of a kind, special location: Niagara Falls. Besides the memorable views Niagara offers, there are more places you can visit here and feel like you reached heaven.

The first place that is worth mentioning is the Agate Island. Categorized as one of the seven best beaches in the world, Agate Island is a location you will definitely want to see. Now you may be wondering why and the answer is as simple as the name says: everything is covered with agates. The entire island, the shores you will see there, the beach itself are dressed in agates. This is a unique beach location, placed in a cove on the northern side of Ontario. Sailors from all around the world go there for cruising and fishing.

Parks are not to be ignored either. Bon Echo Provincial Park can be found in Ontario and you will be completely immersed in the beauty of this place. Cloyne is a region where you can find lots of activities to do: from canoeing to kayaking and hiking this is the place you’ll have the time of your life. Boat tours will allow you to analyze the lake closely, along with the trails and the cliffs around. This is a provincial park like you’ve never seen before. Also, be prepared to see deer and other wild animals while you stroll around the park.

Talking about parks, Bruce Peninsula National Park is another place you’ll want to visit if you are close to Ontario. There are plenty of reasons you will find this location stunning. First of all, the scenery there will leave you absolutely breathless. If you are a hiker, this is the one place that will get you goose bumps. Any trail you might want to follow has a map that will help you with guidance along the way. The water levels are high there and swamps, forests, and beaches are there to make your trip more exciting than it already was. Nature lovers will feel at home in this paradise of wonders.

Finally, talking about the aforementioned Niagara, everyone heard about it at least once in their lives. Niagara Falls is one place you will definitely need to see until you reach old age. You’ve seen it in movies, you’ve seen it in pictures – but nothing compares to the feeling it gives you while standing in front of such greatness. Words cannot describe the beauty you will see there and this is the one main reason you will have to travel there and see for yourself how out of this world this location is. Although you may have heard a lot about it, you won’t know anything about Niagara until you feel it touch your heart and soul.

Guide To Ontario Business Registration

If you wish to become an entrepreneur in Canada, Ontario is your best bet. With a population of approximately 13 million people, Ontario is Canada’s biggest economy with highest income per capita. Similarly, the registration process for a business is convenient to execute because of the well-established infrastructure.

Let’s have a step-by-step look at the registration process to set up a business in the city.

  1. Business Name

For starters, decide whether you desire to be to sole owner or want a partnership before starting your business. Next, you must name your company as per the registration process. If the business is opened under your own name then you don’t need to go follow this process. All other types of business names are indexed with the Ministry of Consumer and Business Services Branch.

  1. Research the Name of Your Company

You can check if your business name is not already taken by an existing company. For this go through the database of the Ontario business registration. This is extremely important because you can be sued for violation of trademark by a business holding the same name. For this, you can conduct searches online or visit company’s branch. The online search resources such as OnCorp Direct Inc. are also approved by the Ministry of Consumer and Business Services.

Additional Tip – NUANS report copy should be submitted along with your application as it will make sure you don’t get yourself in any kind of legal trouble while registering a corporation in Ontario.

  1. Filing Company’s Name

This step involves a bit of paperwork and filling of various forms and articles which is defined well by the Business Corporations Act. To simplify this tedious process, you can file online or through attorneys. While you can secure business registration proof immediately if you file in person, the online process takes some time.

  1. Obtaining the License

After this step is done, the next move will be to acquire all the registrations and licenses that are definite to business operations conditions while complying with both state and country’s laws. Mostly depending on your corporation’s nature, you can get a clear idea from the official BizPal website to help you comprehend what licenses are applicable and need to be maintained by you.

After obtaining the business license and name registration, next step is filing for incorporation and getting your business registered. The NUANS report mentioned in step 2 will be useful here in addition to Articles of Incorporation, a fee of $300 and a cover letter.

  1. Maintenance of Licenses

After you get registered successfully, this Business registration will be valid for a total of 5 years. After the good ol’ five years, this needs to be extended. You must keep reminders because the policy of Ontario business registration authorities states that it is solely the responsibility of the entrepreneur or the Company.

The process may be a bit complicated, but if you follow methodological steps, you can ensure a smooth business registration. For any other issues and guidance, you can also contact the Companies and Personal Property Security Branch Ministry of Government and Consumer Services for Ontario business registration matters.

Go Bass Fishing in Ontario – Canada’s Party Province

If you are looking for reasons to party and celebrate, Ontario is your dream destination. With more than about 3000 events and fests all year long, it is rightly termed as Canada’s party province. Although the city is in a festive mood the whole year, it truly gets in its spirits at the time of Bass Fishing.

Bass anglers of Canada are really lucky. The Erie and Ontario Lakes, Georgian Bay, Lake Superior, and Lake Huron are some of the well known fishing destinations. Moreover, Ontario’s Bass fishing is truly magnificent! The Lake Erie’s north shore in Ontario is paradise for bass anglers. It may be smallmouthed that catches huge fish, but if you are lucky enough you can see trawl the scales for at as high as 7lbs. Another inland St. Clair Lake is the heaven for catching fish in the city. Ontario also is the home to the Kawartha Lakes – Sturgeon, Scugog, Pigeon, Buckhorn, Rice, and Balsam can make up a huge supply of both smallmouth and largemouth.

Ontario’s Walleye waters located in Bay of Quinte get more than their share of the Bass anglers’ traffic. Locals say, there is a bigger fish always weighing in the tournament every year. Southern Ontario’s river systems such as St. Lawrence, Detroit, the Niagara, Ottawa, and the near north French river – the list seems virtually endless – have amazing Bass fishing.

Choose whether you want to go fishing on a shore or from a canoe, any audacious Bass angler can tell you the rivers are a must. Although the rising season gets reduced to half in Ontario as compared to the State, yet it has a good number and size of Bass. The winters also are longer than four months, which becomes an added bonus!

Some of the other festivals that occur during summers include outdoor activities. The music fests are grand. Many biggies such as the Toronto Jazz Festival, the Sound of Music Festival in Burlington, Sunfest in London, Barrie Jazz and Blues Festival, and Festival of Friends in Hamilton also offer free admission and/or free concert plays. What more do you want? Easy on your ears as well as wallets!

A quite popular art festival – The Toronto Outdoor Art show – offers free admission and features more than 500 contemporary artists in Canada and the world. These artisans usually attract more than 100,000 visitors each year.

Autumn is jam-packed with events and festivals too. Some of these are around Oktoberfest, Thanksgiving and Halloween. The Balls Falls Thanksgiving Festival highlights good food, good craft and a lot of fun. For introverts, the Word on the Street Festival for readers and writers in Toronto gives a chance to hear their favorite authors read from their works.

If you’re a local in Canada, Ontario festivals and events prove to be a great way to catch up with friends and neighbors. If you’re planning to travel to Canada as a tourist, make sure to plan your visit around the Bass fishing event.

To sum it all up, when you go Bass fishing in Ontario, you will experience from the Lake Superior’s northern part and the southernmost part of Pelee Island, that Canada’s party province is also a paradise for Bass anglers!

Places to Visit If You Are Going Sightseeing in Ontario

Ontario is a multi-cultural province located in Canada, a place which is a must visit if you are planning a trip to Canada in recent times. Whether you love to roam around various places, visit landmarks or hang out gambling in a betting house, Ontario is the place to be in – although, today it’s not even necessary to visit those places, you can just pop in reputable websites like the ones with online casino listings. Anyway, you will love the atmosphere and the culture in Ontario and be in awe of the exciting fun that the place has to offer. If you are not sure which places to visit while you are in town, here is a list to help you out.

Niagara Falls

What is a visit to Ontario, without visiting the world renowned Niagara Falls? This majestic waterfall is located in the Golden Horseshoe region of Southern Ontario and attracts millions of tourists every year. Niagara Falls is located on the Niagara River, and consists of three huge waterfalls — the Horseshoe Falls, the American Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls.

It has the largest volume of water siphoned per second—the amount standing at an astounding 750,000 gallons per second. Whether you are traveling alone or with a group of friends or on a honeymoon, you mustn’t miss this magnificent creation of nature.

Natural and provincial parks

If you are a lover of nature, you are bound to be attracted to Ontario’s numerous parks. There is the Bruce Peninsula National Park, the Georgian Bay Islands National Park, the Fathom Five National Marine Park, Quetico Provincial Park.

Whether you love a quiet evening by a lake or love the inviting isolation of the forests and the wilderness, these parks are bound to give you something you love. Don’t forget to visit these parks for a wonderful and enriching experience.

Royal Ontario Museum

A lover of ancient relics, and things that tell stories of the history of the world? Then you must not miss the opportunity to visit the Royal Ontario Museum which houses thousands of specimens, from natural history, science and also cultural exhibits that come from all over the world. Learn more about the world and the way it developed through the eyes of the displays kept in this museum.

1000 islands

These are an archipelago of small islands, located on both sides of the US-Canadian border along the eastern shores of Lake Ontario. You can visit here through boat tours, and enjoy the magnificent and scenic beauties these islands have to offer.

Many of the islands are privately owned, and you will even find castles on some. You might have to scale up your budget a tad bit here but it sure is worth it. They truly look like something straight out of a fairy-tale.

These are only a few of the numerous places you can visit in Ontario, Canada. Make sure that you don’t miss them, for they are experiences that will last a lifetime. If you love nature, visit Ontario – it’s going the feel of Canada you’re looking for.